Vishal - Digital Strategic Planner & Creative

Hire ME - I am passionate to work in creative communication industry and vision to lead towards Young Cannes Lions. Eagerly waiting to join leading creative communication ad agency . Wanna like to create world's creative interactive and renowned IMC campaign that will influence people across the globe to take actions .

Being an young India, I want to make SHINE Indian on the stage of CANNES LIONS

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Mob : 09727600909

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Make an Impact with Zero publicity, Clever big idea from Ogilvy & Mather #Mumbai created VIRAL social campaign.

Tattoo - Slow Motion #Creative Film

Indian Creative industry Adguru honchos indulge inner child through Channel V #Dear16yearoldme campaigns. It’s inspired me.Kyunki “Kabhi kabhi galat train bhi sahi rashta dekha deti hey”

Illusion is a powerful strategy. (via helloyoucreatives)

Awesome outdoor

West London Football lovers created Interactive Music.

Play it, Feel it, Kick it and Buzz it.

You may not be able to end to the Government shutdown on your own but you can Drunk Dial Congress.

(hat tip @ThePunographer)

Amazing digital campaign - Melbourne 'Remote Control Tourist' campaign brings the city to armchair travellers with live integration with facebook and twitter.

An absolutely shocking campaign that is truly brilliant. These images are of actual human rights abuse victims taken by traveling journalists form a variety of countries that have been placed into Switzerland’s surroundings. The shock of seeing these individuals right in front of the public eye certainly shed new light on the issue and caused a global stir. 

Watch the video

Campaign: Not here, but now 
Agency: Walker, Switzerland Via

(Source: karenhurley)

Discover Moroccos versatile landscapes in just 3 weeks. Amazing short documentary.

Missing Person Display Ad and Geo tag campaign

Make a few unavoidable seconds really count! The missing person pre-roll. Great way to re-interpret and change an existing media behaviour on Youtube.

Catch a VW Golf GTI on the bannerbahn. 

The campaign connects paid banner media space with the real world by challenging the user to catch a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Click on the zig-zaging car that is actually driven by a real driver in the real world. Oh, and if you succeed you can actually win the real car.

Great Short Film  - The Apology Line

Best Short Film - HOT DOCS, Toronto
Best European Short Film - Cork International Film Festival

"The LUNCHBOX" CANNES AWARD WIINNING SHORT FILM 2013. I wish to create such realistic short documentary in near future. There is lot to expose in INDIA. 

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